CM12 for OnePlus One – Download Link (Updated) OTA

As promised few days ago by OnePlus about the CM 12 update for One devices, today Cyanogen OS 12 is live for OnePlus One. Although currently is update is available as a complete ROM and not as an OTA, but soon the OTA update will also be there. CM 12 is based on Lollipop with the magnificent material look.

CM 12 has a new email client which is powered by Boxer, this means that the premium version of Boxer will be available for free for CM users. This new update is also powered by a new customising system known as App Themer.

Cyanogen OS 12

App Themer is the perfect tool for all you advanced theme users as well as casual users who merely want to theme an individual app or two. App Themer also comes in handy when your favorite theme doesn’t look quite right for a particular app. You no longer need to change your entire theme just because of one app. Instead, you can simply change the theme for that individual app and continue to enjoy your favorite theme everywhere else.

It retains the valuable features that it already had along with the sweetness of Android Lollipop.

Download CM 12 OnePlus One ZIP – Credit Android Police

Update: CM 12 already rolling out for some people. Screenshot provided below.

Link by XDA!wxNjnYjR!NUXTsZZGj3LlaGJWxnKhZYj6pcYviHp5LufQMse81Bo

CM 12 Update
Source: CM Blog

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