LG Magna Launched at Rs. 16,500 in India

LG Magna was already announced i the month of Feb this year and the device is available for sale in India at a price of Rs. 16,500. It is a dual SIM Android smartphone with 3G and 4G support. Although Magna is not a flagship device from LG but it

HTC One M9+ Launched for Rs. 52,500 in India

HTC One M9+ has been launched in India today at a price tag of Rs. 52,500. The phone will be available in stores from 3rd May this year. One M9+ is a 5.2 inch smartphone with top notch hardware specifications. The screen handles a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels to render

Download WhatsApp 2.12.44 with Material Design

The recent WhatsApp 2.12.44 update has a great improvements in the material interface of the application with few nice animations. A day before, WhatsApp is among the non-material app in my phone, but now it has become one of the best looking material design application. The notification bar now changes according

Download Gramophone For Android with Material Design

Yesterday, Gramophone, has been open to public after its beta appearance in Google Play Store. Earlier it used to be a private development and we can get Gramophone only via Google+ community with invite system. But lately the developer of this materialized music player has decided to launch it for free to