Download Gramophone For Android with Material Design

Yesterday, Gramophone, has been open to public after its beta appearance in Google Play Store. Earlier it used to be a private development and we can get Gramophone only via Google+ community with invite system. But lately the developer of this materialized music player has decided to launch it for free to the public by making it available via Google Play Store.


Gramophone features a pleasant material design user interface, to be concise, it has one of the most intuitive material design I ever had experienced in any Android application. You will definitely fell in love with this music player. The interface is minimal and very easy to navigate. Its not messy like most of the other music players. It is simple but still very attractive.


It comes with Dynamic user interface that changes color dynamically to match the main contents base color. It also has integration to download the information about the album artists and album arts. Beside this, it obviously comes with basic features that can be found in other music player. You can download Gramophone beta from the download link below.

Download Gramophone [Beta] for Android from Play Store

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