WhatsApp Plus got reborn with Anti ban feature

Please note that this post is only for educational and informative purpose, we don’t provide any download link for any third party application. If you are proceeding to any third party app then we are nowhere responsible for any negative effects.

Recently we have seen that WhatsApp Plus along with many other third party WhatsApp clients has been banned, as a result the users are not able to install and use these application. It was hoped that the developer of WhatsApp Plus will update the application to bypass this ban issue, but due to legal circumstances, the developer has to close the development of this wonderful application.

But today, after the close down of original WhatsApp Plus, many people has started modifying the old WhatsApp Plus to work smoothly without any ban. One of the most famous website, i.e. Osmdroid, has re-launched WhatsApp Plus in the name of WhatsApp Plus Reborn, which allows the users to use WhatsApp Plus without the fear of getting ban.

WhatsApp Plus reborn antiban

But this does not last for long as Osmdroid also got a warning from legal department of WhatsApp Inc and they have to take down all the articles from their website. The last version that I saw floating over the web was WhatsApp Plus 1.43 reborn with anti ban feature. So let us see that what this version all about.

WhatsApp Plus Features:

  • Free messages: Nothing new from original WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Send videos and images: With original WhatsApp you have certain size limit of sending the video files, this limit has been increased in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Send voice messages: Similar to that of WhatsApp.
  • Emoji and emoticons: WhatsApp Plus has some of its own emojis in addition to the default emoticons that comes with original WhatsApp.
  • Exciting new themes: Well WhatsApp plus comes with exciting new themes. I just can’t get enough. The themes are just amazing and make WhatsApp even more aesthetic.
  • All other features are very similar to that of original WhatsApp.

What’s New with WhatsApp plus version 1.43?

  • Calling option: Well for starters it has calling option. The calling feature is now activated. You can receive calls from other contacts but you can make a call only if you have activated call service.
  • WhatsApp web is back again.
  • Report a bug: Using WhatsApp plus version 1.43 you can report anyone and anything that annoys you.
  • Themes are doing great (though a bit of server problem stays) also the folder name has changed from / whatsapp plus/ to whatsapp osm/.

It is a tough time for WhatsApp Inc to get rid of all these third party WhatsApp clients, and we can see many anti ban versions of WhatsApp Plus that are floating around the web with the name of WhatsApp Plus Reborn, WhatsApp Plus Anti ban, etc and many of them could have hidden malicious code that may harm your device. So we do not recommend to use any third party WhatsApp client.


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