WhatsApp Plus – WhatsApp Reborn 1.80 Plus Anti Ban

WhatsApp Reborn 1.80, unofficial WhatsApp Plus successor, has been spotted today over the web. The application has been developed and maintained by OsmDroid on Google+ community. As from the sources, the application has complete material user interface with the original WhatsApp Plus features. The complete change logs for WhatsApp Plus Reborn 1.80 are given below.

WhatsApp Reborn Anti ban

Whats New in WhatsApp Reborn 1.80

  • Calls UI header mods 2.1.9 to 2.2.2 (Thanks Archit Jain for hints)
  • Contacts TAB in CALLS UI
  • Translucent mode in chat screen MOD 1.4 is back.! Disable it manually if KEYBOARD BUG is more important to you
  • Calls UI is now enabled for ALL as a DEFAULT UI
  • OLD UI option added in mod 2.0.7
  • TEAL<=>Blue Vice versa icons for XHDPI devices
  • Date Pending Color in main screen MOD 2.2.7D
  • Delay in start up fixed.

As always, we recommend you to use the original WhatsApp messenger from Google Play Store to be safe and to not get temporary ban, therefore we are not providing any download link or any other external links for WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Reborn.

OsmDroid has also listed few bugs on WhatsApp Reborn 1.80 application that are listed below:

  • White strip when you theme contacts row in CALLS UI.
  • For those who doesn’t have calls ui activated from server gets “TOUCH TO RETURN CALLS”
  • 2.2.19e not working in CALLS UI.
  • Add contact icon in CHATS tab .
5/51 rating

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