WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp Reborn) still being developed by individuals : Beware

Recently I was browsing through various websites and I found that many individuals are still developing one of the most popular third party WhatsApp client, earlier known as WhatsApp Plus. But recently it was banned by WhatsApp Inc and the developer has to drop the project. But we can still see many modified versions of WhatsApp Plus known as WhatsApp Plus Anti-ban or WhatsApp Reborn, etc. The users must be beware of such third party applications as these applications has no source or support forum, so they may be harmful to your device. Few people may even take advantage and can hide malicious code inside these applications that can leak your credentials that are saved in your mobile phones.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn

So instead of doing good, these application may harm you financially or in other way round. If you are still using any such version of WhatsApp, then we request you to remove any such application and install the official WhatsApp messenger from Google Play Store.

No matter how eye candy the interface of these third party application is, no matter the features they offer, they must have some profit motive behind creating these applications, so please be cautious before installing such applications. Be smart and be safe…

Recently the original developer of WhatsApp Plus, started a new project with Telegram+, but due to policy violations, it has been removed from Google Play Store.

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