WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update: WhatsApp won’t Delete Account After May 15

WhatsApp’s most controversial privacy update is back in the headlines nowadays. The facebook-owned messenger platform said that the users won’t be able to access their chat list and also won’t be able to answer incoming calls and video calls in the app if they do not accept the latest privacy policy. However, Whatsapp will not delete the accounts of those users who will ignore the new privacy policy. It seems that now the company is giving some more time to the users and it has extended its deadline from May 15.

As we know, WhatsApp said earlier that if the users will not accept its new privacy policy they will not use their account. But due to too much disregard and criticism by the users and the Indian Government, the company has decided to give more time. However, WhatsApp is constantly reminding those users who haven’t had the chance to review and accept. But we don’t know the timeline for the reminder.

WhatsApp said on its website, it will send the reminder periodically to accept the new privacy policy, if you don’t accept its terms of service until after several weeks they will disable some of its features. That means, WhatsApp will provide limited functionality for those users, who don’t accept it. Initially, you won’t be able to enter your chat list but you can answer incoming calls and video calls.

After some weeks, your WhatsApp will be almost dead, you can’t receive calls whether it is a voice or video call. Though WhatsApp is saying that it will not delete users’ accounts, but if you can’t use any of its features, then there is no benefit of this WhatsApp account.

However, WhatsApp said in a statement that every user’s personal data is secure with end-to-end encryption feature. No one can read and listen you chats. The company won’t send your personal chats, locations or other data with parent Facebook. But they can share some business conversations with Facebook for advertising.

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