WhatsApp Reborn 1.66 for Android – No Ban and Material Design

If you are a terrific WhatsApp user, then you must have heard about WhatsApp Plus. But recently it has been banned by WhatsApp Inc and forced the developer to stop its development. But the users are always in search of something like WhatsApp Plus which can customise the interface of WhatsApp and most importantly, can use the awesome privacy features of WhatsApp Plus, where you can hide your online status, single ticks, double ticks and even blue colored double ticks.

WhatsApp Reborn

The users hunt for such type of application has again given rise to a new and modified WhatsApp client, known as WhatsApp Reborn, which is developed by OSMDroid (a community in Google+). According to their official page, we spotted that they have just released WhatsApp Reborn 1.66 No Ban Material Design for their users. Although I have not given this application a try nor do I recommend to use any third party applications for security issues, but just for the user knowledge, WhatsApp Reborn 1.66 has following new additions:

  • New REAL material design feel for LOLLIPOP users
  • Themed HEADER in more screens (like Profile pic, gallery view etc).
  • CHAT screen headers mods will apply to those screens
  • CALLS UI is more themed now (If you’ve CALLS UI Disable 2.4.1 manually otherwise it will be SCARY UI)
  • [Added] PRIVACY menu , HIDE notifications , Reboot WhatsApp menus to CALLS UI
  • [Added] option to hide calls icon in CHAT screen Mod 1.1.19
  • {Fixed}Folders to /WhatsApp/Osm
  • {Fixed} 2 Icons bug in launcher
  • Removed Crappy Emojis and added 43 new emojis (27 memes , 15 HIKE , 1 blank)
  • Removed Calls UI FAB (It’s useless now cause it doesn’t work)

Even the developer of WhatsApp Reborn has posted a warning which says “We tried our best to make this WhatsApp mod AntiBan, but We don’t guarantee 100%. You might get PERMANENT (very rare) or temporary BAN. Use it at your own RISK“.

So it is obvious that such type of applications are very risky to use and we harshly advise you to NOT install any third party WhatsApp clients.

NOTE: We are NOT providing any download links or linking to any third party websites and even not recommending to use any third party application.

Image Credit: OSMDroid (No Links)


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