Best Alternatives For WhatsApp Messenger

Sleep, eat, WhatsApp – perfect three words that define my routine. Well, I wonder when the last time I wasn’t busy with the blue ticks was. Emoticons, groups, voice messages, there is no end to lessen my intrigue. What if WhatsApp goes off board one day (I hope it doesn’t). So, what are other alternatives that can be used besides WhatsApp?

Well here we come with the panacea again. Here we give you 5 best alternatives of WhatsApp.


1. WeChat

I chat, you chat, and we all chat with WeChat. WeChat is no new to us; we all remember its sudden impact in the market when it was released. Also the WeChat advertisements with crazy actors and actresses lie in our minds. Let’s know what WeChat is, its features and how to install it?


WeChat includes all those features that come within WhatsApp, i.e. – text messages, emoticons, voice calls, memos.

Special feature: it includes video calls, using video calling feature of WeChat you can call your friends and talk to them face to face.

How to download it?

Well to download WeChat get into Google Play Store, enter “WeChat” and download it. Enter your phone number for verification just like in WhatsApp and you can connect to all of your contacts using WeChat. You can also connect it to Facebook and email to find your friends more easily.


In all WeChat is a wonderful app including all essential features and definitely a download material.

2. Telegram

Well I had my own reasons to download it, I thought it had Indian origin but then it was hoax. But the messenger app turned out to be amazing even better than WhatsApp.  Believe me! Well telegram gives all the perks of WhatsApp and other than it, it has much more. Let’s have a look.

Telegram allows you to use it in several devices at the same time, isn’t it great? I mean using it with whichever device you find convenient. Well this may turn out to be bane for girlfriends and parent haunted children. Apart from this telegram gives you very superior security facilities, also you can use it from pc or tablet anywhere!!


Well I found this messenger app splendid. Less popular but with great potential!! You won’t be disappointed.


I hate it when my balance gets over when I talk to a friend overseas. I mean not only overseas but just anywhere. What if a messenger app gives you free calling I mean VIBER calling, yes it does, in fact Viber is the best messenger that serves the purpose right. Dubai, U.S.A, Europe, Russia, Australia… be anywhere and call your loved one’s from there without any cost and all you need is an internet connection!!

Viber serves all the perks of WhatsApp well. The stickers like I miss you, I love you, and the ‘I am mad at you’ expression is just amazing. Personally to me Viber felt less inclusive than WhatsApp (maybe I had less viber contacts therefore) but in all its great app to check out.


Well what else can I say, other than its Viber calling this time!!!

4. Skype

When they say video chats, I don’t say video chats I say Skype.  Well we all know what a maverick Skype is when it comes to video calls. Well, Skype now is available as a mobile application too. All you need to do is download Skype from Play store, have a Skype account with alpha numeric passwords and gusher! Send messages, video call all your contacts that hold Skype that too for free. Well WhatsApp has its own fun, but Skype is just awesome!!


Regardless to say Skype is something your phone is empty without. Download it and have a wonderful experience.

5. Facebook messenger

I may not have contacts of all my friends but all of them are well bonded with me on Facebook. My four years old cousin pings me on Facebook, what else can I say!! Saying it the app of the century won’t be wrong. Facebook messenger is not a new term. Best platform to connect with your Facebook friends, sharing your phone contacts with them (well that’s optional). Especially the messenger stickers are just too jocular and apt. Well what I love most about messenger is the calling option. Call your friends anytime, anywhere without any cost and above all I love it when it gives you constant whereabouts about the signals (weak, good etc. etc.). You can always view the profiles of your Facebook friends using messenger and ping them without being inline in Facebook.

With photos, groups, notification of active friends and sticker store messenger has just too much to explore.


Facebook messenger has its own charm undoubtedly. It’s more inclusive and interactive. Well the calling options obviously place it above WhatsApp. And in all Facebook messenger is a great app, definitely a WhatsApp substitute. Go for it, if you haven’t already!!

Well I got a ping, gotta  go!!!

5/52 ratings

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