Download Snapchat Latest Version APK | 2021 Update

Snapchat is a great application to share your images or videos with your friends and family. The concept of Snapchat is simple, you just have to click a picture or shoot a video, give it a caption and you can share it with your friends and enjoy that moment. The twist of Snapchat is after viewing the image or video. As soon as the recipient viewed the media sent by you, it will automatically get deleted. So, unless, a screenshot has not been taken to capture the media, the recipient will not be able to restore that media.

Snapchat android apk download

Snapchat has become a great medium to chat with our loved ones. If you are bored chatting with your friends then you must give this amazing app a try. Snapchat gets more and more features added to make snapping more fun and exciting, so you must update Snapchat on your android device to the latest version to enjoy the latest features. Snapchat is also available on iOS, so there are no restrictions to share your moments with cross-platform users.

Snapchat APK 2021 Version

Application Name Snapchat
File Name snapchat-116266.apk
File Size 65.11 MB
Updated On 2 December 2020

Download Snapchat APK for Android

Facts about Snapchat

  • More than 700 million photos and videos are sent in Snapchat per day.
  • Snap stories are viewed by more than 550 million times per day.
  • Snapchat has about 100 million monthly active users.

How To download

  • You can download the latest stable version of Snapchat from Google Play Store.
  • You can also download the latest unreleased beta version of Snapchat from the download link given below.
Download Snapchat Beta APK Download Snapchat APK Download Snapchat from Google Play Store

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