Download Telegram Messenger 6.3.0 APK For Android | Latest Version 2020

Download the latest version of Telegram Messenger for Android from the link provided below (Direct official Play Store link), it has been chosen as one of the best WhatsApp alternatives with some amazing features. WhatsApp is life undoubtedly, but then life has issues and so has WhatsApp. I always wanted to use it on a personal computer but disappointment is all I receive. Although recently we have got the web version of WhatsApp, it is just an extension to the phone WhatsApp, which means WhatsApp in our phone should be online in order to work with Web WhatsApp. Security reasons too keep irritating me and provoke me to look for other saviors. Well to all people who are in a fix like me, we have a telegram. The more I enrolled it the more I was stupefied. And above all, it rectifies the entire drawbacks WhatsApp has. So let us study in detail what this phenomenal app is all about.

Download Telegram APK

Application Name Telegram
File Name telegram-630.apk
Version 6.3.0
File Size 24.67 MB
Updated On 6 August 2020

Download Telegram APK for Android

What is Telegram?

Well, the telegram is a messenger app like WhatsApp through which we can share texts, images, videos to our contacts that too for free and all you need is an internet connection.  As its display says welcome to the new era of messaging. Telegram stays true to its words. It gives a startling experience.

The Telegram Experience

To those using WhatsApp will find telegram like its sibling. The interface is look alike. To view the profile of your contacts there click on their small photo icon and see their status, last seen, display picture (as I said same like WhatsApp).You can send images and videos to your contacts by tapping on the paper clip point in the conversation.

You can also make groups and the best part is you can add up to 100 people. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. Smileys are great. But the only thing missing is voicemail option.

Wait there is more to it. The app has its own cloud to store messages. Click on settings and it will show your profile, your number and other options like message text size, enable animations, blocked users, chat background- which can be changed. There is a logout option too in the profile at the bottom.

What’s new in the telegram?

What’s mentioned above is already provided by all other apps. So the question arises why telegram. Well, we have solid points to satiate your hunger.

  1. Secret chat: 200% secure, this is what the developers claim and I hope this is true. When you click on secret CHAT option, a new window will open with an end to end encryption. That means telegram servers won’t have any hold of your data. Once you wish to start a secret chat with somebody the other person will be notified of it. He will have to accept your request and once he accepts it, you will find new options in the profile. Isn’t it wonderful? I mean having a secure (200% secure) conversation.
  2. Self-destruction timer: To me, at first it seemed like some still from avenger’s movie. Well, it is one of the most amazing features I have ever encountered. Send your text and see it destroyed forever within the set time. And once you enable the option there won’t be any signs of your message anywhere (and by anywhere, they mean it)
  3. You can use telegram in other devices as well like your tablets and personal computers.


To me TELEGRAM was awesome. Better than WhatsApp. But the only limiting thing is that not many of my contacts have this app. Lack of a number of users is what telegram lacks for now. Well with the features it has, very soon it will be a part of our lives. Till then keep waiting!!!

How to download telegram?

It’s simple to do that. Get into Playstore, type telegram and download it. After the app has been downloaded it will ask you for the number type the number and verify it. And gusher! Your phone contacts will link to telegrams and you can use it.


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